Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Prep Time

15 minutes

Prep Notes

You can put the beef in the freezer 30 mintues or so to make it easier to slice thin.  I usually skip this step unless I've really planned ahead. 

Kuzu root is a lovely thickening agent used in Japanese cooking and is not processed so I prefer it to cornstarch.  They both work fine in the recipe. 

Cooking Time

10 minutes




1 ¼# grass-fed (when possible) beef sirloin steak, cut in bite sized strips

2 cups broccoli flowerets (or more if desired)

3 carrots, scrubbed and diagonally sliced, 1/8” thick

1 medium onion cut in thin wedges

1 small baby bok choy

1t. cornstarch (can substitute 1 tsp Kuzu root dissolved in 2 tsp cold water)

½ t. evaporated cane juice or sucanat

2T. Reduced sodium Tamari or other reduced sodium soy sauce

2T. dry sherry (or mirin wine)

2T. peanut oil


Mix cornstarch (or kuzu root), and evaporated cane juice. Add to soy sauce and sherry wine and set aside.

Preheat wok over medium-high heat.  Add 1T. of peanut oil.  Let  oil heat for a minute or two.  Add broccoli, carrots and onion, and bok choy and stir-fry in the hot oil about 3 minutes or until crisp-tender.  Remove vegetables from wok.  Add remaining 1 T. of peanut oil and heat.  Add beef to wok.  Stir-fry meat about 4 minutes or until browned.  Stir in soy mixture and cook until thick and bubbly. Can add a little more sherry wine if it seems too thick.  Stir in broccoli mixture.  Cook another minute or so.  Serve immediately over brown rice. 


A stir-fry is the ultimate one-pot meal; just serve over brown rice and you are ready to go!  Stir-frys also help you consume less meat as you can use 1# of meat for the entire dish, then load up on the veggies!!  Make enough for two nights and have great leftovers.  Most Asian cuisine follows this pattern of small amounts of meat to flavor the dish, and lots of veggies.  It's a great way to stay healthy and watch your waist.    Ever notice that most Asians are fairly slim?