Maple Glazed Root Vegetables

Prep Time

10 minutes

Prep Notes

These make a lovely addition to your holiday table.  It's especially helpful that you prepare them on the cooktop and not the oven( which is usually occupied).

Cooking Time

10-15 minutes




3 large carrots, peeled

3 large parsnips, peeled

2 T.clarified butter (ghee)

2T. Maple syrup, preferably grade B

Dash Unrefined Sea Salt


Julienne the peeled parsnips and carrots by cutting them into thin matchsticks no thicker than ¼ -inch. 

Melt the clarified butter in a skillet over medium heat. 

Add the julienned carrots and parsnips to the melted ghee, and stir continuously over medium heat until the vegetables become slightly tender, or about 6-7minutes.  Note that some of the parsnips and carrots may become caramelized.

Gently stir in maple syrup and season with a dash of salt.  Continue to stir the carrots and parsnips for about 1-2 minutes or until the vegetables are well glazed by the maple syrup. 


Nutrition Information:

Calories:  45.6

Carbohydrates:  3.1g

Fat: 3.8g

Saturated Fat: 2.4g


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