Start Your Week off Right by "Treating" Yourself to Whole Foods

I often hear people say that they are going to "treat" themselves to something unhealthy like a large chocolate shake and a cheeseburger and fries, or a large piece of cheesecake and I wonder is that actually "treating" yourself or is that actually mistreating yourself?  In my mind, treating yourself , a act of self-nurturuing, means something that will leave you feeling uplifted and good about yourself and may even have long lasting benefits.
As a health and wellness coach, I know that a high fat, high sugar and  high salt meal may not only leave you feeling unwell, but it will surely set you up for a plunge in energy and feelings of self-defeat later.
So instead of treating yourself to junk food, try saying that I am going to treat my body to a wonderful whole food meal that will not only be delicious, but will leave me feeling good about myself and will leave my body feeling well.
With the picnic season coming up, I thought of my Black and White Bean Primavera Salad. It goes together rather quickly because you can used canned beans. It is a treat for the eyes with its variety of colors (vegetables, and legumes) and a treat for the senses with its variety of fresh herbs.
It holds up well for a picnic and it very portable as long as you bring a cooler.  
The salad starts by sauteéing raw veggies just slightly until they lose their raw texture and then combines the warm veggies in a bowl with white and black beans.  A simple vinaigrette adds just the right touch to dress the salad with its combination of fresh herbs!  Cooking healthy foods for ourselves can be a self-nuruting act that will help up get back on track.  Make this salad for your next picnic or BBQ or even better, make it at the beginning of your work week to bring for your lunch every day.  A lunch packed with legumes, veggies, fresh herbs and maybe a piece of fruit?   That's what I call a real treat!  Your body will definitely thank you!